Ideas for your winter wedding

Winter colors for wedding reception - Lakeville, CT
Ideas for winter wedding lighting.

Photos courtesy of Eric Limon

Snow covered ground for a winter wedding

Photos courtesy of Michael Dominique

Wedding table top, Courtesy of Eric Limon

Festive backdrop for winter wedding photos.

Winter Wedding in CT - Ceremony site in the Vineyard Room

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Your Wedding Colors - choose the colors of the season!  White and silver, with splashes of your favorite colors as 
accents.  Reds and greens should be woven in to a December theme.  January and February weddings - go with YOUR favorite colors! 

Thinking about flowers...  Red roses, calla lilies, and amaryllis are excellent choices for winter wedding flowers, but you don't need to stop there!  Our local florist will assist you in weaving your color scheme together with other seasonal flower choices.  Greenery works well to accent your choice of flora, or choose a simple white satin ribbon.

Centerpieces are primed for creativity!  Warm, glowing candles are a romantic touch, but try contrasting them with ice and crystal accents (ice-carved vases, crystal glassware, white branches as part of your centerpiece, crystal-embellished ribbons, etc.  Consider including sprigs of evergreen trees - fir, wild pine, cedar - winter berries that are still on the vine such as bittersweet.

Have fun with the decor - we've decorated with giant snow crystals, white and blue

Seating Cards can reflect the mood too!  Motifs may include sleighs, snowflakes, snow-covered spruce trees and holly.

Your menu should be memorable.  If you start with cocktail hour then we suggest warm, comforting drinks such as hot chocolate and warm apple cider (or try white hot chocolate, warm eggnog or Mexican Coffee with a cinnamon stick).  Dinner may be themed to the winter months as this will provide your guests with flavors that match the season and may include chowder,

Check out our sample Winter Wedding menu for inspiration, and talk with our Chef to expand your possibilities!

Other thoughts - food favors are always in fashion, so consider seasonal items with a twist - small packages of chocolate-covered cranberries or roasted chestnuts.

Valentine’s Day Theme - everything is red!  Red linens, hanging hearts, red roses (or different colored roses with different meanings displayed) as centerpieces.  Signature red drink.  Heart shaped cupcakes or cakes.  Conversation hearts on table, or truffles.  Roses or heart lighting on tent ceiling.  Chocolate covered strawberries.  Bride, groom and guests - horse-drawn sleigh rides around the property...