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Ellora Spa at Interlaken Inn - Lakeville CT

Ellora Spa & Sanctuary

Ellora Spa at Interlaken Inn
74 Interlaken Road, Lakeville, CT 06039


Advanced Skin Care • Nail Care • Massage

Open Monday thru Friday, 11-5
(Saturdays and Sundays by appointment)

Make a day of it! A Spa Day!

One of our most popular packages - $375 includes a 75 minute massage, a 75 minute Anti-aging facial, and a 30 minute Hand and Foot Rejuvenation - 3 full hours of pampering.

We also serve champagne, wine, a light lunch of organic salad, beautiful spa sandwiches, cookies and chocolate dipped strawberries!

  • 75 minute massage
  • 75 minute Anti-aging facial
  • 30 minute Hand and Foot Rejuvenation
  • Spa Lunch

Birthday Bliss Package

Wow!  What a way to celebrate your day!  Includes:

  • 30 minute scalp massage using a series of our luxurious botanical oils to hydrate & condiion scalp,
  • 60 minute Swedish massage using our signature lemon-sage oil,
  • 30 minute hand and foot reflexology healing treatment,
  • Plus a free canvas bag with the beautiful Ellora Spa logo for 'green' shopping.

2 hours ($195)

For more information, visit the Ellora Spa website


  • 60 min. Super Hydrating Facial
  • Brow Wax 15 min.
  • Hand Treatment 15 min.

  • Custom Facial  
  • Moisturizing Foot Treatment
  • Pre Wedding day Make-Up
Minimum 5 people

  • 35 min. Aromatherapy Massage  
  • 45 min. Facial   
  • Hand Treatment with Paraffin                           
  • Moisturizing  Foot Treatment
  • Champagne & Wine &  Spa Sandwiches & Dessert
Minimum 5 people

  • 50 min. Massage
  • 50 min. Ayurveda  Facial
  • 30 min. Hand & Foot Rejuvenation
  • Wine, Fruit, and Cheese
Two aromatherapy massages together  with our wonderful Hot Stone Foot Treatment. This is the treatment that couples love as it tends to their physical, mental,and emotional well being with the healing benefits of our natural essential oils and the soothing benefits of our Swedish massage with a glass of wine..

For our Mother's To Be. Alleviate stress and discomfort. A perfect program to lift your spirits and make you look and feel beautiful.
  • Pregnancy Massage 50 min.
  • Facial 45 min.
  • Hot Stone Foot Treatment 15 min.
  • Hand treatment with Paraffin and Hot Stone Massage with nourishing oils
  • Foot Treatment with Scrub, Mask, and Hot Stone Massage with nourishing oils

Spring 2014

Hawaiian Lomi Lomi - Lomi Lomi is a rich authentic experience of the spirit of Hawaiian healing working the body, mind, and spirit.
It is hands on healing that is deep and powerful yet gentle giving immediate and long term results.This massage symbolically means to communicate energetically deep within the bones of the individual.

75 Min. ($195)

NEW - Ellora's Signature Ayurvedic Facial - This treatment is created to dynamically regenerate skin cells and balance skin conditions for healthier,radiant, and younger looking skin.

The products for this facial blend concentrated plant extracts, sea algae,and monoatomic elements in a synergetic formulation to fight the damage of natural and environmental ageing. The result is a beautiful treatment that brings refreshment and nourishment to the skin supporting and encouraging our innate beauty and strength of Spirit.
60 min. ($145)    90 min. ($170)


Avarna, Sanskrit noun for "Enlightenment" is a beautiful description of the enveloping and cocooning affect of our Ayurveda Body Wraps. These treatments are designed to drain lymph, stimulate exfoliation and cell turnover, nourish dry, tired skin and revitalize one's sense of Being.. Stimulating movements followed by warmth and enveloping nature of wrap create space for deep relaxation and meditative space.
A treatment to hydrate and nourish the skin. This is also a perfect treatment for pregnant and nursing mothers. This treatment is followed by a shower.
80 min.  ($210)

Abhyanga Massage

This specialized massage from India combines touch therapy with transdermal aromatherapy. Fragrant oils are applied with light pressure to energy points on the skin where your subconscious mind communicates with your body. When stimulated, these doorways send messages to internal organs and vital functions of the body. PROFOUNDLY RELAXING AND BALANCING...
60 min.  ($145)    90 min. ($170)

Hair and Scalp Treatment

A classic ayurvedic herbal hair and scalp treatment designed to induce a meditative state. The therapist directs a warm, gentle stream of oil onto the foreheard, restoring calm to the mind while soothing the senses. The oil nourishes the hair and scalp....
20 min. add on to body treatments and massages ($55)    50 min. includes scalp massage ($100)

Seasonal Escape Package - This package contains unique treatments designed for relaxation and natural healing.  Includes:

  • A Shiatsu energy focused massage with Acupressure. This is a Japanese form of natural healing which consist of finger pressure along the meridian points  with the intention of balancing body-mind-spirit.
  • A 30 min. Cranial massage which releases the flow of energy by stimulating accupoints unlocking scalp tissue to relieve stress, tension and muscle stiffness.
  • A 30 min. hand & foot destressor using a scrub to exfoliate tired and  dry skin, hot towels to open up pores then ending with a firm massage with our own replenishing cream.

2 hrs.  ($255)

Couples Massage at Interlaken Inn, Connecticut