How To Choose A Green Meeting Facility

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Thinking of  'going green'  with your next business meeting?  Choosing a truly eco-friendly venue isn't as easy as you might think. We've compiled tips for choosing a green, eco-friendly meeting venue.  

Truly Eco-Friendly or “Greenwashed”?

Without regulation of green marketing, it is up to you to find and support hotels that are going the extra mile to reduce their carbon footprint.

In an era where there are unclear or undefined national standards for claiming 'eco-friendly' certification, there are a number of ways that you can easily separate the truly 'green' properties from those who are 'greenwashing' themselves for publicity.

Much of the information that you need for an informed decision can usually be found on the venue's website.  Filter out the claims of eco-friendliness, and search for these specific policies that indicate management's attitude toward sustainable practices.

Also - check out the AAA Eco Friendly Programs or your state government's website for eco-friendly lodging programs.  These sites will include a list of green lodging properties, plus standards for certification that your favorite hotel has complied with. For example - the State of CT's Dept. of Energy and Environmental Protection publishes standards that include everything from energy use to recycling programs for guests.  Details.

Four tips to look for to be certain your next meeting is at a truly eco-friendly hotel.

  • Green Waste Management: Between paper products, breakfast buffets, and, of course, all those tiny bottles of shampoo, hotels generate a lot of waste. So when you’re trying to find the perfect green place to stay, look for hotels that recycle and compost instead of just dumping all that waste in the trash.
  • Energy Efficiency: Look for places that use compact fluorescent bulbs, motion sensor lights, and Energy Star rated appliances.
  • Non-toxic Cleaning Supplies: In your search for green hotels, look for ones that have made the switch to non-toxic cleaners that are free of chemicals like VOCs and environmental pollutants like phosphates.
  • Community Involvement: Try to find hotels that engage with the local area through charity, buying locally, or by hiring local tour guides.

Check out for more information about being eco-friendly.