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You’ve seen the various Culinary Reality Shows on television, now put your group’s culinary expertise and ability to work together to the test!

The group is divided into teams at the beginning of the challenge and given a work station with limited ingredients and one secret ingredient available to all. They are asked to don Interlaken aprons and devise a two course menu which they will then have to cook together as a team within a limited amount of time.

As any Chef knows, the kitchen is an ever-changing environment- you never know what challenges may be presented to overcome as a team. While cooking they are judged by our Chef and Management Team on creativity, use of ingredients, plate presentation, taste and teamwork.

Timeline of Culinary Challenge

  • Group is divided into teams (typically about 6 per team)
  • Chef gives directions
  • Chef then presents the “secret ingredient” (such as a whole salmon or sea scallops)
  • Teams disperse to assigned tables
  • Each table has a burner, bin with basic ingredients such as carrots, potatoes, leeks, ect.
  • Group must then create their menu of Appetizer and Main Course utilizing only what is available to them. They are shown the “pantry” which has items such as oils, sugars, herbs, spices, additional utensils, foil, graters ect.
  • Each team must prepare the Appetizers first and are given a time frame in which they must do so and present to the judges.
  • While judges are doing the Appetizers the teams are busy preparing the Main Course which they also are given an allotted amount of time. Judges circulate after tasting the appetizers and continue to judge the group on their team work efforts.
  • Typically during this time Chef announces a glitch- we’ve run out of something or perhaps the party has arrived early and they need to get their Main Courses plated and in the “pass”.
  • At the end of the event, the judges announce to the group the winner and teams are presented with different awards…. Some serious, some not so serious.

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