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The Lakeside Blog is happily written by Michelle Bousquet at the Interlaken Inn, Lakeville, CT. She writes about what there is to do at Interlaken and why you should come stay with us, fun local events, great places to visit and cool things to do – in and around Lakeville & Salisbury Connecticut.

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Fall Foliage Package

Peak Fall Foliage Season in this region is October 3rd to October 15th, so the introduction of our new Fall Foliage Weekend Package couldn't have had better timing.  Available the weekend of October 4th to October 6th, the package includes:

  • Overnight accommodations for two nights,
  • Chocolate covered strawberries and champagne delivered to your guestroom
  • Three-course dinner for two at Morgan’s Restaurant on the night of your choosing
  • Picnic lunch with fern picnic hamper (yours to keep),
  • Full Breakfast for two on one morning


Fall Foliage Package at Interlaken Inn Lakeville CT

It will be the perfect time to witness the amazing beauty that this area is noted for.  Even travel writer Stan Wawer at Travelscope Magazine mentions Interlaken as a recommended overnight accommodation in its Fall 2013 edition. (see page 6). 

Taste all of the flavors of fall at our restaurant Morgan's.  Go apple picking at Ellsworth Farm in Sharon, CT.  Admire the colorful valley at Millbrook Vineyards while tasting their wine.  Visit breathtaking waterfalls including Kent Falls in Kent, CT or Bash Bish Falls in Copake Falls, NY.  Ride through the colorful trees on the Harlem Valley Rail Trail in Millerton, NY.  Visit Salisbury Garden Center in Salisbury, CT for unique gourds and Freund's Farm for homemade apple pies in East Canaan, CT.  Just drive.  Take your picnic lunch that is included in the package on the road with you and head to Route 7, Route 41, Route 44, Route 4, or Route 22 (NY).  Any direction will lead you to beauty.  Availability is limited to make your reservation today!


Fall foliage New England Lakeville CT Interlaken Inn


Hiking at Beaver Pond Trail

It was such a pleasure to start my day today taking a 35 minute hike at Beaver Pond Trail.  Thank you for your company Pauline!

Hiking Trails near Interlaken Inn Lakeville CT

The most recommended trail to our Guests, I am realizing it's not just because of its location, which is walking distance from the Interlaken.  It's so beautiful and scenic and private - I loved every step I took.

hiking trails at Interlaken Inn Lakeville CT

A combination of wide and narrow paths (particularly along the water), the trail was perfect for leisurely walking as well as a bit of a heart rate elevator.  My new friend Bocce joined us and led the way!

hiking Beaver Pond Trail at Interlaken Inn CT

The trails are marked as white. blue, and red, and we walked on the white trail until we took decided to take a right towards Lake Wononpakook (affectionately known as the "back lake") where the trail shifts to red.  As you can see the views of this pretty lake were breathtaking. 

Beaver Pond Trail Interlaken Inn Lakeville CT

Bocce took a dip!

Interlaken Inn Hiking Trails Beaver Pond Trail Lakeville CT

This is the same lake that our private cabin sits on - such a peaceful accommodation.

Hiking trails near Interlaken Inn Lakeville CT

Hiking Trail Beaver Pond Trail Interlaken Inn  Lakeville CT

The narrow path follows alongside the lake for quite some distance - all the way to this pretty waterfall.

Waterfall on Beaver Pond Trail interlaken Inn CT

One last look at that picturesque lake. 

Interlaken Inn Hiking Trails Beaver Pond Trail Lakeville CT

If you want to breathe in nature this is the trail to take and, again, walking distance from the Interlaken property. 

Stop at the front office to get a map and be on your way!


Put that phone down!

and look at me.

Lakefront Fall Foliage at Interlaken Inn CT


Pet of the Week

It's another gorgeous day in New England, so I decided to grab my camera and see what was happening outside. 

As I neared the Sunnyside building I noticed a black flash running across the field - several times for that matter.  I had to wander over and see what that was all about.

Pet friendly hotel in Lakeville CT Interlaken Inn

Oh, it was just Bocce playing catch with both his ball and his frisbee.   Back and forth, faster and faster each time. 

Pet friendly resort at Interlaken Inn Lakeville CT

He'll never quit!

Pet friendly hotel in Lakeville CT

What a beautiful boy Bocce is - as you can see.  I don't know if you can tell from the pictures but Bocce's shiny black coat is wet - he just got done swimming in the lake - and he loved that too.  The Interlaken property can keep an active dog like Bocce busy!  The large field behind the Sunnyside building for fetch, swimming in the clear waters of Lake Wononscopomuc, walking the Interlaken grounds and hiking at the nearby trails has kept Bocce going since he arrived yesterday.  He can also visit the front desk as anytime for a special pup treat!  After a long day, Bocce prefers to snuggle in the Interlaken Pet Bed (that we provide for every pet) over his own bed brought from home. 

His parents chose our Three Day Getaway package so they could have time to relax as well as explore all of the goodness this local area has to offer.  This was their first time going away with Bocce and found our pet friendly property to be more than they expected.  I am hoping they'll come and talk to us at our Intermingle tomorrow (every Wednesday at 5pm to 6pm - featured cocktail and hdo's) so we can hear all about what they've done these past few days with us.  They certainly picked the perfect week to visit!



Random Acts of Color

So it's one day into the official fall equinox and here is what the Interlaken property looks like.

Fall Foliage at Interlaken Inn CT New England

All is still pretty much green (except those burning bushes!) and then...

Fall Foliage at Interlaken Inn Lakeville CT

BAM!  There's a huge pop of color!

Fall Foliage at Interlaken Inn Lakeville CT

The courtyard and wedding pavilion area - pretty much green....

Fall Foliage at Interlaken Inn Lakeville CT

But then look across the property and there is a POP of color once again!

Fall foliage at Interlaken Inn Lakeille CT

I had to see what the Lakefront was up to, and again, random acts of color are blessing that beautiful spot as well.

Interlaken Inn fall Foliage CT New England Lake

The "random" will soon switch to "frequent" so be sure to plan your Fall Foliage trip to Interlaken very soon!

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