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Creativity is in the Air!

If you had the chance to learn about quilting, wouldn't you want to learn it from these two nice ladies? 

Quilting Series Interlaken CT











Let me answer that question for you:  YES!  Two of the nicest and most knowledgable quilting ladies you'll ever meet!  Nancy and Claire are here today as part of our Weekend Getaway package "Life Discovery Series" and this is their invitation to you:

Sit with us while we talk about the rich history of quilting, with emphasis on traditional quilts and patterns.  Discuss the re-emergence of a solid interest in quilting, the development of the art and craft of quilting since then, up to the modern day of art quilts using non-traditional materials.  Patchwork and quilting techniques to make very wearable clothing.  Throughout our presentation we will have many quilts to show, lots of show and tell to bring the stories to life.  Pick up a new hobby or just increase your appreciation for the beauty of quilts!

So you may have missed this week (regrettably so!), but it's not too late for next Saturday where you can join Rachel Hay and have "A Pilates Experience", followed by "The Body as a Mirror of your Pain and your Health" with Lynn Simpson.  You can sign up for our Weekend Getaway in CT package anytime (either Friday night or Saturday night, or both nights!) or choose any of our packages and still join us (for a nominal attendance fee).  We have programs running through early May, and the full listing of these programs is right on our packages page.  Hope you'll join us one of these weekends!


October Wedding Opportunity!

October is a splendidly colorful month in New England, from beginning to end.  I always use to think that by the 20th the leaves and the color was pretty much gone, but as evidenced over the last several years and by these photos this is not the case!  These photos were taken on October 27th - and that happens to be the only date left in October 2012 that is available for a wedding.  Tell me this would not be the perfect background for some amazing photos?

October wedding CT

Can you imagine you and your new spouse in front of this pretty tree, surrounded by your family and friends for a stunning photo?  Or your Guests mingling amongst the pumpkins and mums in the courtyard area, drinking a hot toddy in the crisp autmn air?

October wedding CT

Fall wedding CT

Our wedding pavilion is the perfect size for 100 people up to 220, and anywhere in between.  You could bring the same autumnal colors inside the enclosed heated pavilion just like this couple did:

 Fall wedding CT

Transform the pavilion anyway you'd like!  How about a Halloween Masquerade Ball?  Years ago there was a wedding held here at the end of October (wish I took pictures!) and everyone came in costume, there was trick or treating (I mean really, can you imagine what the candy bar would be like with all that Halloween candy?!), bobbing for apples, pumpkin carving.  How fun would the photo booth be?  The base cloths could be black, topped with yellow and orange and white (who doesn't love candy corn?), centerpieces of mummies and witches - OK I could keep writing about this as there are so many ideas!  Anyway, what I really wanted to tell you was that this (October 27th) is the only fall date available for a fall wedding in 2012, so if you are thinking of the autumn time please visit our wedding page for more photos, our packages and how to arrange coming to take a tour soon!

Interlaken Fall Wedding CT


Employee Social Relationship-Building Experience

Guest Blogger today:  Kristy Barto!  Kristy is the Sales Manager for the Interlaken Inn & Resort in Lakeville, CT.

Employee Social Relationship-Building Experience

An intense meeting agenda is planned for your group which is why you need an event that is perhaps less of an event but more of an experience. It is an experience that will lead to team bonding and will form lasting relationships.

In today’s era of texting, tweeting, and Facebook messaging, there is less and less actual face-time amongst employees. Are we losing the ability to form a relationship? We know the foundation of every successful business is built on great relationships. Relationships are built over time involving trust and shared experiences and most definitely not formed through a tweet. We can “like” someone but that doesn’t mean we have a relationship with them.

It costs 1.5 times the average salary to replace an employee, but develop relationships, camaraderie among employees, and employees will be devout to much more than the weekly paycheck. After all, each of us wants to feel valuable and be of value at work, at home and to our friends. Relationships have power and value.

You need ideas of ways to encourage relationships among your team and the perfect opportunity to create a team experience is when you are all together for the off-site board meeting, manager’s meeting or corporate conference.

Here are some ideas which I have seen work at our property:

  • A Lakeside Evening Bonfire- complete with tiki-torches, s’mores and hot cocoa
  • Interlaken’s Radical Race- 2 hours of fun tasks involving a blind wine tasting, chocolate eating and tent building.
  • Executive Lounge & Game Room- Poker, Ping-Pong, Air Hockey, Pool Table, after dinner drinks & snacks – a leisurely way to end your day
  • Wine or Bourbon Tasting Reception- Let our sommelier guide the group in an informal tasting event prior to dinner
  • The Mixer Reception- We provide the ingredients, you provide the creativity to develop the perfect cocktail. 


Interlaken Lakeville CT Team Building

As we tumult into the new “Social Era” we all need to stay focused on moving forward but basic fundamentals such as relationship building shouldn’t be tossed to the curb.

 Interlaken Lakeville CT Team Building



A Winter Wedding to Warm the Heart

A winter wedding.  I love them!  Today is the perfect day for a gathering of 100 family and friends to celebrate the love of Katie and Mike.  I did my usual venture out to the wedding pavilion where the ceremony is set to happen, and had I not have known where to go, this cute sign would have helped me:

Interlaken Winter Wedding

Our Atrium is set up for the ceremony, complete with evergreen trees topped with snow!

Interlaken Winter Wedding Ceremony Site

Now, this picture is a bonus!  It's not too often I run into the entire bridal and their groomsmen... and they didn't mind one bit gathering to pose for me.  The gowns are gorgeous, the men with their hats - admit this is a great shot!

Interlaken Winter Wedding CT

Another bonus!  I didn't want to get in the way of Katie coming down the stairs to meet her Dad, so I stepped way to the side and zoomed in and caught this shot.  How beautiful!  Off they go out to the Atrium...

Interlaken Winter Wedding CT

The wedding pavilion is all set for their family and friends...

Interlaken Winter Wedding Pavilion

The DJ is ready to rock the room!

Interlaken Winter Wedding Pavilion DJ

The Chefs have prepared Swordfish with fennel stuffing, Chicken stuffed with proscuitto & mozzarella and Filet with shallots, accompanied by baby carrots with chived butter and potato gratin.

Interlaken CT Wedding Table

Another cute idea!

Interlaken Lakeville CT Winter Wedding

Congratulations Katie and Mike!



The Convenience of Interlaken Inn

Interlaken may be located in the rural hills of Litchfield Country in the very Northwest Corner of Connecticut, but we are so close to so many things:

Morgan's restaurant - 0 miles

ELLORA Spa & Sanctuary - 0 miles

Hotchkiss Golf Course - .2 miles

Hotchkiss School - .5 miles

Indian Mountain School - 2 miles

Lime Rock Race Track - 2.7 miles

Skip Barber Racing School - 3 miles

Harney and Sons Tea Room - 3.4 miles

Harlem Valley Rail Trail - 3.4 miles

Salisbury School - 6 miles

Tri-Arts Theater - 6.1 miles

Sharon Audubon Center - 8.3 miles

Wassaic Train Station - 13.6 miles

Housatonic Outfitters - 13.9 miles

Mohawk Mountain - 14.3 miles

Infinity Hall - 17.8 miles

Just 15 minutes south of the Berkshires and 2 miles east of the quaint village of Millerton, NY, Interlaken is more convenient than you think.  Let us make your accommodations while you visit any of the above destinations!

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