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The Lakeside Blog is happily written by Michelle Bousquet at the Interlaken Inn, Lakeville, CT. She writes about what there is to do at Interlaken and why you should come stay with us, fun local events, great places to visit and cool things to do – in and around Lakeville & Salisbury Connecticut.

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Love on the Lake

60% of Americans believe in love at first sight.  I know I do.

Interlaken Inn Lakeville CT


Memorial Day Mix-up!

It's all mixed up at Interlaken this Memorial Day Weekend!

  • Weekend wedding, lakeside ceremony, cocktail hour on the lawn - would you like a summer watermelon skewer with feta and black pepper?  Reception following under the pavilion surrounded by gardens.
  • A Mom is here to support her daughter at the tennis match at Hotchkiss School
  • A couple plans to watch the race at Lime Rock Track today and then check out the Sunday Royals Car Show tomorrow
  • Another couple was looking to escape NYC and relax in the country.  Their picnic lunch will be ready by 2pm today!
  • A gentleman decided to bike 43 miles before most of us were even out of bed today!  He cycled up Route 41 to Route 23 and then back south through the lush valley views on Route 22
  • Another family is sitting out on the lawn as the kids decide whether to play baseball, wiffle ball, or kickball
  • A father and daughter were challenging each other to a game of tennis on our recently refurbished courts
  • Many families were relaxing lakeside, swimming and canoeing in the deepest lake in Connecticut
  • A dip in the pool!  One couple was out lounging at 10am - is that too early for a cocktail?  I don't think so!  Let us bring you one.
  • A couple taking advantage of the Memorial Day weekend package - they decided to rent a pontoon boat over at O'Hara's landing in Salisbury, looking to catch some trout
  • Golf anyone?  A foursome set for their 2pm tee time at Copake Country Club
  • Renting bikes over at the Rail Trail Supply Co. in Millerton, NY, hopping on the Harlem Valley Rail Trail, picnic in hand

We have some availability left on Sunday night - give us a call so you can get mixed up too!


What's up with Grass-fed beef?

Can it really make a difference to your health?

You bet it can!  Grass-fed beef is higher in healthy unsaturated fats and lower in saturated fats than conventionally raised cows that eat a corn-based feed, one that is often supplemented with antibiotics and growth hormones.  If you are going to eat meat, choose grass-fed!

Our grass-fed beef comes from Barlow Beef at Wike Brothers' Farm, just five miles from the Interlaken property.  Chef Scimeca gives Farmer Barlow what he needs for the week, and he hops on Route 112 and heads over in his pick-up truck with the delivery.  Now that is local!!  Taste the healthy difference by ordering a Morgan's burger next time you dine at Morgan's at Interlaken!


Learning to Swim, Interlaken Style

Interlaken Pet Friendly Hotel CT

I love it when firsts happen at Interlaken. 

Meet Farley.  Farley, a Wheaten Terrier, had his first swimming lesson during his recent vacation to Interlaken.  Equipped with a doggie life preserver and, although he was nervous, his parents believe he would be willing to try it again.  I am assuming he did the doggy paddle?

Interlaken Pet Friendly Hotel in CT 

 Interlaken Pet Friendly Farley

Here's Farley, back on dry land, enjoying the Interlaken property.  Farley's parents say Wheaten's are a very special breed - loyal, loving and very friendly.  (In fact, Interlaken's restaurant was named in memory of the Owner's Wheaten Terrier, Morgan.) This was the first time Farley's parents visited Interlaken, and here are the comments they shared with me: 

"We had a wonderful, relaxing time on the lake, in the fields and on the trails.  The food is delicious, the accommodations comfortable."  


Q&A with Saxon, Interlaken's Fan of the Month!

Interlaken Pet Friendly


Recent nominee and Winner of the Fan of the Month on Interlaken's Facebook page

Let's learn more about what this handsome Airedale Terrier thinks about his frequent visits to Interlaken!

What is your favorite room to stay in?  Sunnyside 150 or Woodside 141.  I like the sound of my nails on the floor.  My toys are more playful as well.  They used to just lay on the carpet.

What do you think of the dog beds Interlaken provides?  I love the dog beds.  I  made my Mom call Miss Michelle to find out where she got the dog beds so I could have the same comfy bed at home.  Miss Michelle was happy to share this and My mom got one for me right away.  There are two types..plush snuggle and warm fleece blanket style...I am spoiled and I like the fleece one on top of the snuggle one.

What are your favorite treats you get at the front desk?  COOKIES...PETS FROM WINSTON AND SUE...COOKIES..KISSES FROM MICHELLE... COOKIES THANK YOU!!!  WOOF WOOF

Do you swim in the lake? While I am not an avid swimmer, I will wade in the shallow part of the lake.  I go up to my elbows and bottom of my belly to cool off.  When I have enough I lay on the grass next  to my humans who are in the comfy lounge chairs!  Sometimes I try to go on the swing chair too, 'cause I like to rock!

Where do you like to walk on property?  I love the entire grounds. My mom always keeps me on a leash, because I am a terrier and I would chase anything, given the opportunity, but I like to pose with the beautiful plants and sculptures. I also love to visit the lobby for COOKIES!  I love my morning walk down to the lake. 

Does your mom or dad ever give bring you a "doggie bag" from Morgan’s Restaurant? If so, what is your favorite leftover?  Roasted Chicken or any kind of steak.  I also love cheese too.  Anything my humans bring from Morgan's far exceeds any "doggie bags" I get when they bring stuff home for me.  It is never as fancy, or as good as Morgan's fare.  I feel like a lucky dog when I go to the Interlaken with them..I am a pampered pooch.

Where on property do you like to relax?  I love sitting on the little hill by Sunnyside near the Adirondack chairs.  I look over the dog run area and down to the back lake.  My other favorite spot is down by the lake, but again, there is not a bad seat in the house as the grounds are so lovely. As long as my mom and papa have me with them I am happy.  They never leave me in the room alone because they worry I might cry and upset our neighbors.  I tell them I sleep, but they say come along because Interlaken doesn't allow it anyway.  They could have left me at a kennel or dog sitters if they were going to leave me in the room alone. I love my humans.

Anything else you'd like to add, Mr. Saxon? I love the Interlaken because they take great care of me and my humans.  They welcome me back every time and make me and my Mom and Papa feel special.  The entire staff from the top down are wonderful and I can not say enough nice things about them..WOOF WOOF  no cookies or cheese needed for this.  I LOVE THE INTERLAKEN..AND I AM A PICKY CHARACTER AS MY MOM CALLS ME.

Interlaken Pet Friendly Saxon

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