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The Lakeside Blog is happily written by Michelle Bousquet at the Interlaken Inn, Lakeville, CT. She writes about what there is to do at Interlaken and why you should come stay with us, fun local events, great places to visit and cool things to do – in and around Lakeville & Salisbury Connecticut.

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Procession of People

That is the definition of a Parade, but in this case at Interlaken this morning it wasn't a parade of people but a parade of beautiful Aston Martin's, from vintage to new.  I tried to pick one I'd like but couldn't decide, so any one of them will do.  Check out more photos on Interlaken's Facebook page!

Aston Martin Club Parade at Interlaken Lakeville CT

Aston Martin Car Clubs at Interlaken Lakeville CT

Aston Martin Car Clubs at Interlaken Lakeville CT

Interlaken Lakeville CT Car Clubs


Enjoy the View

A question often asked of our staff:  "Do any of your rooms have a view of the Lake?"  The answer to that is YES!  We have one accommodation that has a view of the lake, and that is our private lake cottage that I've blogged about.  It has the most amazing view of Lake Wononpakook, what Interlaken considers our "back" lake.  If you are unfamiliar with this secluded cabin, please read my blog dated June 21st or view the Guestroom/Lakeside tab. 

So if the rest of our 85 rooms do not have a lake view, what kind of view do they have, you ask? 

Interlaken Inn - Main Building King View

Here is a view from a Main Building Second Floor King room.  This photo is not grainy - its taken from the screened-in porch.  I always tell people these rooms have a distant view of the pool - and this is what I mean.  Our Poolside first floor rooms also have this view from their porch (at eye level of course), but without the screened-in feature.



Interlaken Inn View - Main Building Second Floor

Here is a view from a Main Building Second Floor room - a new view!  Prior to this past week, we would have said the view was of just the parking lot, but thanks to proper excavation and proper planting (thank you Junior's and Salisbury Garden Center!) the view is now a lovely one!  As the final plantings happen this week, the view will only get better.  For those Guests that have the need to keep an eye on their 'baby' in the parking lot, this is still a good choice.  The first floor rooms have an even more green view.



Interlaken Guestroom Views - Townhouses

This is a view from one of our Townhouse Suites/Adjoining Rooms.  Sit and relax on your deck right on the grounds with the 'other side' of the pool and a distant view of the main building.  Plenty of lawn space perfect for the kids to toss a frisbee!  Adirondack chairs and picnic tables dot this courtyard area.



Interlaken Inn CT Guestroom Views - Woodside

Peaking through the blinds of a newly installed back door in our Woodside Building.  Our pet friendly rooms give you access to a pleasant grassy area for pups and their owners to relax or play.



Interlaken Inn Guestroom Views - Sunnyside

Here is a view from behind the Sunnyside Building, our Victorian-styled house.  The wraparound porch wraps right around to this view - grab an adirondack chair or two and relax the day away.  Wine is also a nice compliment to this set-up!



Countryside, our last building.  My apologies, but I owe you a photo of the view from that building.  The house with eight king bedded rooms is completely occupied right now, so I'll snap one soon and post it at a later date.  I can give you a hint, though:  there will be green in the photo.



Interlaken Inn Views - Morgan's Deck

Let's move to the restaurant.  Here is a view from Morgan's Deck - just a distant peak of the pool, waving to you while you are enjoying our full breakfast buffet offered every weekend.  If you need help in deciding what to do for the day, this view may help with that!  (I zoomed in, there's plenty of grassy area in between...)  The other views from the breakfast room are of the gardens around the wedding pavilion and trees, more trees.  Morgan's deck is also used for private luncheons and events and, very soon, for Morgan's dinner dining.

Remember: the lake is only a short walk away from all of our Guestrooms!

Interlaken Lakefront Lakeville CT 



Check-out Sunday!

I don't mean "check it out", like "take a look" - I mean the hotel version of "check-out" - like depart, leave, vacate!  It is one of my favorite days - and not because Guests are leaving, but because I can hear all of the fun things they did at Interlaken all weekend long.  Now this weekend was an unbelievably gorgeous one, so needless to say I was a bit jealous by some of the things I heard:

  • "We canoed around the perimeter of the lake".  I have done this before - here's a photo I took last year when I had the pleasure.  The lake and surrounding homes are gorgeous.  The lake is peaceful and calm, just lovely.  Major jealous!

Interlaken Inn Canoe Lakefront

  • "We took our bikes and rode along Route 41 over to Sharon". I have not biked the flats of Route 41, but have driven it many times, of course, and have always admired the view right over the crest of the very first hill.  Ellsworth Farm is over in Sharon - perfect place for picking fresh fruit!

Interlaken near Route 41 Sharon, CT

  • "We were here for our wedding tasting".  OK, clearly one of my favorites!  Tastings are so much fun for the upcoming married couple-to-be as our Chef's put together a sampling of their wedding food selections.  Obviously no wedding tastings for me, but I have done many dining room tastings - remember just the previous blog, I'm taking photos of Dan taking photos of our latest menu items?  I had a sampling then - delicious.  And I am realizing I didn't even tell you about the most amazing dessert from that day:  Buttermilk Panna Cotta with Rhubarb, Toasted Oat Crumb, and Coconut "Snow".  It's a seasonal one, of course, so be sure to visit Morgan's soon so you don't miss out on this one!  (Sorry I don't have a photo of this one - I ate it too fast!)


  • "We plan to hike to Bear Mountain."  After biking the Harlem Valley Rail Trail on Saturday, this couple was going to wrap up their weekend with a hike to Connecticut's highest peak.  What a gorgeous clear and sunny morning for a nice strenuous hike up the Appalachian Trail - major jealous here!  I have yet to hike to Bear Mountain, but have hiked over at Sunset Rock in Copake Falls, NY - a much less strenuous hike but with equally beautiful views of the Hudson Valley - even in March!

Sunset Rock near Interlaken Inn, Lakeville CT

  •  "I was here performing for Tri-Arts".  Yes, even the performers stay with us!  Here's a comment we just received on our Facebook page:  Had such a wonderful time at the Interlaken that I left my bag there! Jealous that my dirty clothes will get to spend another night at this fine establishment. Hopefully, the gang and I will be back soon!

 Thank you, Guests, for checking out!


Photo Double Take

I love my little blog camera - it's perfect for what I use it for.  Photos of the wedding pavillion, the gardens, the lake, the rooms, and of course - food!  Like the one of my to-go dinner the other night, sitting on my lap - I just point and shoot and I am done!  To have the utmost clarity, zoom or flash options is not 100% necessary for my purpose, but when it is time to update property or food photos for our website and for other publications, it is time to bring in the professional!  Our "professional" in this case is Dan Bolognani, also the Inn's Director of Sales and Marketing.  Photography has been a long-time passion and interest of Dan's, and with the right equipment on hand, he can get the job done!  Here he is, in action, while I do my best not to eat what he's trying to take a picture of!

Morgan's Restaurant at Interlaken Inn

The right equipment.

Morgan's Restaurant at Interlaken Inn

He loves this so much he even smiles when he's taking the picture!

Morgans restaurant Interlaken Inn


Now let's focus on the amazing creations by Chef Scimeca and his Culinary Team!

Morgan's entree Interlaken Inn

Roasted Hudson Valley Duck Breast with White Asparagus, Fava Beans and Beech Mushrooms with a Red Wine Caramel.

Interlaken Morgans Retaurant Appetizer

Rare Seared Tuna with Fresh Hawaiian Hearts of Palm, Cucumber Mignoette, Lime

Morgan's Restaurant Interlaken Inn lakeville ct

Thinly sliced House-Cured Wild Coho Salmon with Edamame Puree, Black Sesame Crumble

Morgan's restaurant farm to table Interlaken Inn

Seared Maine Diver Scallops with Spring Sweet Pea, Lemon, Pistachio Topping

Some of these items are specials for this weekend only, so come and visit us now!  



Honeymoon Hideaway

We were there on our honeymoon and I can sum it up in one word....AWESOME !!

Everything about it...the location, the staff, the cottage.

We enjoyed every minute we were there. 

Thank you so much for a memorable honeymoon @ Interlaken Inn.

This goes back to Tuesday's blog regarding Guest Feedback emails - I love them!  I always thought our lake cottage would be the perfect honeymoon spot, and this Guest certainly agrees with me.
The location.
Let's start with how to get there.  It is located a short distance away from the property, on this dirt road about 3/10's of a mile long, winding between tall trees and lush vegetation.
Interlaken Private Lake Cottage Road
You've arrived!  Your very own private spot.
Interlaken Inn Private Lakeside Cottage
Here's the view from the screened-in porch, complete with wicker furniture and a swing meant for two:
Interlaken Private Lakeside Cabin - screened in porch
Relaxation awaits!
Interlaken Lakeside Cottage - bonfire area

The Cottage:

The cottage is perfect for two.  Equipped with one king-sized bedroom (with a wonderful view of the lake), a living area with a flat screen TV and DirecTV (and also a wonderful view of the lake), bathroom (of course), and a kitchen with a full-size refrigerator, microwave, coffee maker and toaster oven.  There is also an outdoor grill for grilling up your favorite kebabs and a bonfire pit for roasting marshmallows.  Order a gourmet dinner from Morgan's and dine at your private lakeside spot. 
Interlaken Inn Lakeside Cottage
Interlaken Private Lakeside Cabin Honeymoon
Although this lovely cabin is booked for much of the summer, there are some dates still available:  June 27th through July 2nd and the week of July 15th are open for both honeymooners or small families.  There are also some dates available in September and October - watch the trees at the lake come alive with colors of the fall season.  Reserve the date today! 

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