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The Lakeside Blog is happily written by Michelle Bousquet at the Interlaken Inn, Lakeville, CT. She writes about what there is to do at Interlaken and why you should come stay with us, fun local events, great places to visit and cool things to do – in and around Lakeville & Salisbury Connecticut.

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Meet Marconi!

Interlaken Inn pet friendly hotel in Connecticut

Another first at Interlaken:  Marconi had his first canoe trip on Lake Wononscopomuc this summer.  His owners tell me he spent alot of time wading in the lake and watching the birds go by.  "Doggy heaven" is the quote for this cutie!

Marconi's owners had a great visit with us too:

We loved our stay at Interlaken so much that we could not wait to tell our friends how great it was. We also posted some wonderful photos on Facebook and on the strength of our recommendation and photos, several of our friends have already booked their stay with you.  Your staff is so lovely and welcoming we will absolutely be back there again! 
Thank you, and we will see you again very soon.
There is still a good month left before the lake gets too cold for any sort of wading - so give us a ring soon to book your fall getaway with your pup!


Wedding ideas

You've chosen Interlaken as your wedding destination.  You have visited the wedding pavilion and have fallen in love with the large outdoor space surrounded by gardens.  Now it's time to make that space uniquely your own for your special day.  Let me show you how today's soon-to-be married couple added their personal special touches - perhaps they'll give give you some ideas for your future wedding at Interlaken!

Releasing the butterflies at the lakeside ceremony

Interlaken Lakeside ceremony - butterflies

Paper airplanes!

Fall wedding at Interlaken inn lakeside ceremony

Find your seat!

Interlaken Inn Wedding - Seating chart


Interlaken Inn fall wedding favors

For the sweethearts

Interlaken Inn sweetheart table at fall wedding

Little fishes for the kids table

Interlaken Wedding destination - kids table

Keeping the kids busy!

Interlaken Fall Wedding - for the kids


Interlaken Fall Wedding Cake

Fall Wedding at Interlaken cake pieces

Check out some of their other photos on Interlaken's Facebook page! (like the PLUNGE!)


Pavilion Proof!

Unique Meeting Venues at Interlaken Inn

Here is proof that we truly use the pavilion for many other events besides weddings!  Out with the dance floor and round tables and in with the eight foot tables and widescreen!  The pavilion is setup classroom style for a group of about 100 attendees.  A beautifully bright and airy spot - truly a unique meeting spot for a large group.  Actually, Interlaken has got several unique locations for any size meeting you'd like to have.  Contact Kristy Barto for further details!


Your First Visit

We all remember the many firsts that happen in our lives, so for all of you who have visited Interlaken can you remember your very first visit one?  How did you find out about Interlaken before making that first visit?  A recommendation from friends?  Maybe your child was accepted at Hotchkiss and they told you we were right next door.  You are an avid Race fan and heard we were only 6 miles from the Lime Rock Race Track.  Maybe your company sent you here for a conference.  Your friend was getting married and you were invited to attend his destination wedding.  And let's not forget the common Google search! 

The Guests that had their very first visit here back in 1974 found us through an ad that was placed in the New York Times.  The property was just what they were looking for for their young family and so the long relationship began and still continues.  If you do the math, that is 38 years!  Judy was kind enough to send me along a photo from that very first visit and here it is - the little boy in the photo is now 40!  (This may sound familiar if you read my blog a couple of weeks back - this is the photo she promised she would send.)

 Interlaken 1974 First Visit

I know many of you have been visiting us just as long as this family has so I would love to hear about your very first visit - please feel free to share with me at michelle@interlakeninn.com


Virginia - you were right!

Sometimes Guests make me hungry. 

Morgans nightly dinner special

The Guest that did it this time for me was Virginia.  Virginia stays with us often and has been staying with us for about 15 years now.  There was a dish we used to serve in our restaurant years ago that Virginia has yet to find anywhere else as much as she loved it at Interlaken - so we make it for her.  Each time she stays, Eric Stoetzner (who was the Chef back then) prepares this special dish for her and Virginia loves it just like the very first time.  Now realize my amazement when, during her stay this past week, when she proceeds to tell me she thinks she may have found a dish that is better than the Pecan Chicken!  I told her this was impossible as I knew how deep her love for the chicken was - plus I knew Eric's ego would be crushed!  

Later on that evening and much to my surprise, I was fortunate enough to try the dish that beat the chicken.  It was the special for the weekend in Morgan's and you are looking at it above as it sat on my desk before me.

Homemade Spinach Pasta with Scimeca Heirloom Tomatoes with a light Parmesan Cream

I know why it beat the chicken.  When is the last time you've had homemade pasta, or actually, ever had homemade pasta?  I saw Chef Blake making the fettuccine earlier that afternoon and wow, how delicious it was.  It melted in my mouth!  Nothing beats fresh tomatoes picked from the vine that morning from Scimeca farm and then all mixed in a light cream sauce?  Virginia, you are so right!  Now mind you, V (as I call her) it will be hard to duplicate this dish in the middle of winter without the freshly picked tomatoes, but we'll do our best.  If not, you know you can always count on Eric to make you that nutty poultry dish!

Do you have a favorite dish that you can only find at Morgan's?  If so, make me hungry and email me about it!

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