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The Lakeside Blog is happily written by Michelle Bruck at the Interlaken Inn, Lakeville, CT. She writes about what there is to do at Interlaken and why you should come stay with us, fun local events, great places to visit and cool things to do – in and around Lakeville & Salisbury Connecticut.

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Raft Building at Interlaken

What can one build with the following:

Team raft building at Interlaken Inn CT

Team raft building at Interlaken Inn CT

Team raft building at Interlaken Inn CT

One can build a raft, of course, but its way more fun for more than one to work together to make that raft and float out onto the waters of Lake Wononscopomuc! 

Interlaken offers many Team Building programs for both corporate and retreat groups, and even for families like this one.  Families are divided into separate teams and their task is to visit our "Island Shop" and purchase the right items that will allow them to build a raft that will hold 2 team members to row out to the Interlaken dock and back.  Sounds easy, and certainly sounds fun, doesn't it?  Let the following pictures show you how it's done:

Team raft building at Interlaken Inn CT

The Captain and First Mate come back from the shop sharing what they purchased. 

Team raft building at Interlaken Inn CT

The team starts to assemble the perfect flotation device.

Team raft building at Interlaken Inn CT

A ship wouldn't be complete without a team flag.

Team raft building at Interlaken Inn CT

On your mark, get set, go!

Team raft building at Interlaken Inn CT

The race begins on the deepest lake in Connecticut.

Team raft building at Interlaken Inn CT

Team raft building at Interlaken Inn CT

The raft will go faster and stay afloat only if there is huge clapping and cheering from the team members on dry land!

Team raft building at Interlaken Inn CT

The winners!  Well, not quite.  There's one more activity that decides the ultimate champions:

Team raft building at Interlaken Inn CT

A three legged race!

The waters of Lake Wononscopomuc will start to cool down and put the raft building on hold until next season, but no worries, this is just one of many Team Building Activities offered here at Interlaken.  Contact me and I can tell you more!


Families Unite!

When family members are located all across the country, the venue choices to reunite are endless. But when this family decided upon Interlaken this summer, this is what happened:

"We had a great time at our family reunion and everything worked out very well for us. In fact, many of my family members said this was one of the best reunions that we have had, and that includes 16 reunions at different locations around the country over the past 30 years! 


The Interlaken staff was very accommodating and handled our requests very quickly.  The rooms worked out great-- as you may know we used a combination of rooms in the Sunnyside house, the townhouses and the main building.  That gave us plenty of space to spread out.  Everyone loved the porch at the Sunnyside house-- we had requested tables to be placed there which your staff was able to do and that became a great hangout space for us. We also requested tableclothes, garbage and recycling cans, and an easel there and they were all placed there shortly after our request, which we really appreciated.  The townhouse that we used to prepare lunch for our group seemed a little light on cutlery (cutting knives) but we managed with what we had.  Internet service in the main building was spotty but I understand that there had been power outages in the area and that was being addressed.  


Regarding food, the meals were very well received and I know that we worked closely with your chef, Brandon, to make some accommodations for us.  Our first night dinner had some delays getting some of the food on the buffet replenished, but overall the food was excellent and the waitstaff pleasant and helpful.  We had also requested that the staff hold off on opening bottles of wine until they were needed and while they opened several more bottles than we needed on the first night, we were able to use those on the following night.  We appreciated that we were able to use a covered space when rain was forecast the night of our outdoor BBQ and that you were able to move the bonfire and the raft building event around to accommodate the weather changes.  The bonfire was also a big hit and we appreciated the staff's helpful nature in getting that set up and closed out when we were done.


The raft building was a big success as well,and we appreciate the well-organized activity. Also, Interlaken provided us with smoothies and snacks that afternoon which was a nice addition to the event.  William, Vanessa and Jodie were helpful in keeping us "on task" for that event.  


Overall, we had a great time and appreciated the hospitality that Interlaken showed our group.  We are considering returning there for a future reunion.

Thanks to Interlaken for providing us a great venue for our reunion."

When your family decides to reunite at Interlaken, I am ready and waiting to plan that with you!



Friends Forever

This August visit marks the 6th year that these lifelong friends have visited Interlaken.  This year also marks their 50th anniversary of college graduation together, so even more reason to celebrate!  I am so happy to be standing amongst this group of women as they leave their families behind and continue to strengthen the bond of friendship at Interlaken every summer. 

Girlfriend's Getaway at Interlaken Resort Lakeville CT

After many years of visiting us, one might say they've seen it and done it all in this area, but each year brings back favorite things as well as something new.  Harney and Sons Tea Room, Edith Wharton House, Tanglewood, riding through the Berkshires, dinner at Morgan's, and just relaxing in the living room of their Townhouse unit make it all worthwhile for this group of 6 ladies.  (Should be 7 - see you next year Kathy!).  My favorite part of their visit was when I was able to enjoy a cocktail and some hdo's with them during our Wednesday evening Intermingle hour, and my other favorite part was making their reservations for 2015!  I love it when Guests find our property to be the perfect place to relax and reunite - thank you ladies!



Why did I title this blog my favorite Beatles song?

New Year's Eve 2015


Beatlemania Again

Yes, it's happening so save the date! 

More details to follow!


Our Table is Open

You can make dining reservations at Morgan's Restaurant several ways - call us, email us, or sign up via Open Table.  Open Table is such a convenient way to find a restaurant, check for availaibity and read reviews:

Great find, food and service

We were guests at the Interlaken Inn and after debating the propsect of having dinner "off campus" we decided to try the hotel restaurant "Morgan's". What a great decision. The food was excellent and very fresh. The salad and soup were delicious and nicely presented. The entrees flavorful and well proportioned. The salmon was perfectly prepared. The special pasta was excellent as well. The service was professional, knowledgeable and courteous. Our server, William, demonstrated a great instinct for the right balance between providing attentive service and leaving us alone at the table.

Want to see some of the dishes recently prepared at Morgan's?  View Morgan's Instagram!  Be prepared to get hungry!

What are some our most popular dishes these past couple of weeks?  Let me share.

Sauteed Organic Scottish Salmon with Cucumbers, Beluga Lentils, and Saffron Yogurt

Hudson Valley Duck Breast with Grilled Nectarines, Farro, Lacinato Kale, and Red Wine Caramel

Maine Lobster with Sweet Peas, Applewood Smoked Bacon and Ricotta Gnocchi

And don't forget dessert:

Cardamon-burnt orange Creme Brulee

We also offer a Chef's Tasting Menu - A six course Chef's 'farm to table' tasting menu for dinner in Morgan's Restaurant. Call us to reserve and Chef Scimeca will customize a private menu based on the bounty of the Litchfield Hills and Berkshires.

Our chef tasting on Friday night was simply amazing and we can not say enough good things about it. So good that we ate at the restaurant again Saturday night!

Morgan's Restaurant is open 7 days a week, and reservations are happily accepted.

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