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The Lakeside Blog springs forth from the creative mind of Michelle Bruck at the Interlaken Inn, Lakeville, CT. She writes about events, great places to visit and cool things to do – in and around Lakeville & Salisbury Connecticut.

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Fall Foliage Package

Peak Fall Foliage Season in this region is October 3rd to October 15th, so the introduction of our new Fall Foliage Weekend Package couldn't have had better timing.  Available the weekend of October 4th to October 6th, the package includes:

  • Overnight accommodations for two nights,
  • Chocolate covered strawberries and champagne delivered to your guestroom
  • Three-course dinner for two at Morgan’s Restaurant on the night of your choosing
  • Picnic lunch with fern picnic hamper (yours to keep),
  • Full Breakfast for two on one morning


Fall Foliage Package at Interlaken Inn Lakeville CT

It will be the perfect time to witness the amazing beauty that this area is noted for.  Even travel writer Stan Wawer at Travelscope Magazine mentions Interlaken as a recommended overnight accommodation in its Fall 2013 edition. (see page 6). 

Taste all of the flavors of fall at our restaurant Morgan's.  Go apple picking at Ellsworth Farm in Sharon, CT.  Admire the colorful valley at Millbrook Vineyards while tasting their wine.  Visit breathtaking waterfalls including Kent Falls in Kent, CT or Bash Bish Falls in Copake Falls, NY.  Ride through the colorful trees on the Harlem Valley Rail Trail in Millerton, NY.  Visit Salisbury Garden Center in Salisbury, CT for unique gourds and Freund's Farm for homemade apple pies in East Canaan, CT.  Just drive.  Take your picnic lunch that is included in the package on the road with you and head to Route 7, Route 41, Route 44, Route 4, or Route 22 (NY).  Any direction will lead you to beauty.  Availability is limited to make your reservation today!


Fall foliage New England Lakeville CT Interlaken Inn


Hiking at Beaver Pond Trail

It was such a pleasure to start my day today taking a 35 minute hike at Beaver Pond Trail.  Thank you for your company Pauline!

Hiking Trails near Interlaken Inn Lakeville CT

The most recommended trail to our Guests, I am realizing it's not just because of its location, which is walking distance from the Interlaken.  It's so beautiful and scenic and private - I loved every step I took.

hiking trails at Interlaken Inn Lakeville CT

A combination of wide and narrow paths (particularly along the water), the trail was perfect for leisurely walking as well as a bit of a heart rate elevator.  My new friend Bocce joined us and led the way!

hiking Beaver Pond Trail at Interlaken Inn CT

The trails are marked as white. blue, and red, and we walked on the white trail until we took decided to take a right towards Lake Wononpakook (affectionately known as the "back lake") where the trail shifts to red.  As you can see the views of this pretty lake were breathtaking. 

Beaver Pond Trail Interlaken Inn Lakeville CT

Bocce took a dip!

Interlaken Inn Hiking Trails Beaver Pond Trail Lakeville CT

This is the same lake that our private cabin sits on - such a peaceful accommodation.

Hiking trails near Interlaken Inn Lakeville CT

Hiking Trail Beaver Pond Trail Interlaken Inn  Lakeville CT

The narrow path follows alongside the lake for quite some distance - all the way to this pretty waterfall.

Waterfall on Beaver Pond Trail interlaken Inn CT

One last look at that picturesque lake. 

Interlaken Inn Hiking Trails Beaver Pond Trail Lakeville CT

If you want to breathe in nature this is the trail to take and, again, walking distance from the Interlaken property. 

Stop at the front office to get a map and be on your way!


Put that phone down!

and look at me.

Lakefront Fall Foliage at Interlaken Inn CT


Pet of the Week

It's another gorgeous day in New England, so I decided to grab my camera and see what was happening outside. 

As I neared the Sunnyside building I noticed a black flash running across the field - several times for that matter.  I had to wander over and see what that was all about.

Pet friendly hotel in Lakeville CT Interlaken Inn

Oh, it was just Bocce playing catch with both his ball and his frisbee.   Back and forth, faster and faster each time. 

Pet friendly resort at Interlaken Inn Lakeville CT

He'll never quit!

Pet friendly hotel in Lakeville CT

What a beautiful boy Bocce is - as you can see.  I don't know if you can tell from the pictures but Bocce's shiny black coat is wet - he just got done swimming in the lake - and he loved that too.  The Interlaken property can keep an active dog like Bocce busy!  The large field behind the Sunnyside building for fetch, swimming in the clear waters of Lake Wononscopomuc, walking the Interlaken grounds and hiking at the nearby trails has kept Bocce going since he arrived yesterday.  He can also visit the front desk as anytime for a special pup treat!  After a long day, Bocce prefers to snuggle in the Interlaken Pet Bed (that we provide for every pet) over his own bed brought from home. 

His parents chose our Three Day Getaway package so they could have time to relax as well as explore all of the goodness this local area has to offer.  This was their first time going away with Bocce and found our pet friendly property to be more than they expected.  I am hoping they'll come and talk to us at our Intermingle tomorrow (every Wednesday at 5pm to 6pm - featured cocktail and hdo's) so we can hear all about what they've done these past few days with us.  They certainly picked the perfect week to visit!



Random Acts of Color

So it's one day into the official fall equinox and here is what the Interlaken property looks like.

Fall Foliage at Interlaken Inn CT New England

All is still pretty much green (except those burning bushes!) and then...

Fall Foliage at Interlaken Inn Lakeville CT

BAM!  There's a huge pop of color!

Fall Foliage at Interlaken Inn Lakeville CT

The courtyard and wedding pavilion area - pretty much green....

Fall Foliage at Interlaken Inn Lakeville CT

But then look across the property and there is a POP of color once again!

Fall foliage at Interlaken Inn Lakeille CT

I had to see what the Lakefront was up to, and again, random acts of color are blessing that beautiful spot as well.

Interlaken Inn fall Foliage CT New England Lake

The "random" will soon switch to "frequent" so be sure to plan your Fall Foliage trip to Interlaken very soon!


Celebrating 10 years!

Look what Country Quilters have been doing for 10 years at Interlaken!

Quilting Retreat at Interlaken Inn Lakeville CT

Why, quilting of course!  I have blogged many times about these nice ladies that come up twice a year - Spring and Fall - and how it is always such a pleasure to have them stay with us.  This year is particularly special as they are celebrating their 10th anniversary so naturally we had to pour 45 glasses of Champagne and toast to their loyalty.  We don't know who is happier - the Interlaken Staff for having them stay with us or the Country Quilters for being here.  I am going to go with it is an equally mutual feeling. 

"The weekend was indeed a fantastic one! None of us can think of a word that could adequately describe the “wonderfulness” of it all. We have become accustomed to friendly service, excellent meals, accommodating and infinitely helpful staff, but somehow this past weekend we saw all records broken, all across the board. Everyone we encountered at the Inn was that much more friendly, helpful, accommodating and delightful; the meals were more amazing (and who would have thought that was even possible!), with special kudos going to the salmon on Friday night, the chocolate croissants (my personal favoriteJ) and all of the soups and the salads and so much more; the decorating in the dining room for our Witch’s Ball on Saturday night including staff members wearing witch’s hats and Vanessa all decked out in her best witch’s garb (didn’t she look great!?); Winston making a special appearance, trying for an incognito approach in his sunglasses and cap backwards on his head, slouching into the conference room J; Tony, Kevin and Vanessa pitching in to get us set up and rolling on Friday night; Brandon showing Tony how to open the window shades in the Will Rogers Room; all the tasty treats all weekend long to complement the amazing meals; and the biggest surprise of all – the champagne party, a gift of Kevin, and served by Kevin, Brandon, Eric and Vanessa! Wow! Above and beyond, but so welcome and appreciated by all. The ladies were stunned and delighted by your generosity and kindness, and touched that Winston came back to share in the bubbly and wish us a happy 10th.  These past 10 years have passed quickly and our time at the Inn with all of you has become very important to so many of our ladies. As long as you’ll have us, we’ll be re-appearing with regularity, twice a year, with our full complement of quilters. Our staff also enjoys our time in the winter when it’s quieter and we can visit with each other.  Vanessa was our “go-to”  gal and she kept us supplied with everything needed and anticipated our needs so well.  She is  terrific. “Thank you” seems so small and inadequate for the exceptional hospitality you have shown us, but it’s all we have. On behalf of our staff – Noreen, Nancy, Mary Gay, Jane, Julie and Linda -  and all of our grateful ladies, THANK YOU!  We love you all."

Thank you Claire, Noreen and the entire group of ladies for so many wonderful weekends!


A Happy Mother of the Bride

September wedding at Interlaken Inn CT

"We just wanted to let you know that we were extremely happy that we chose the Interlaken Inn for our children's wedding on September 8, 2014.  We had stayed there about ten years ago, and loved everything they had to offer.  It's such a beautiful country inn and we always wanted to come back.  Our families came up on Saturday and they enjoyed the lake, pool, tennis, game room and the restaurant and we felt that the inn provided a perfect setting for our weekend wedding.

The rooms were very comfortable and we found the staff to be very accommodating to all our needs.  My sister needed to change her room and Kevin was extremely friendly and helpful in attending to her needs.

The wedding itself was a wonderful event; one that we will never forget!  Of course, Stephanie and Brandon helped make it fabulous and flawless.  Everyone is still talking about how good the food was!" 

P.S. I do realize this photo is "extra large" but it is just so pretty!


Miss Connecticut

Miss Connecticut Kaitlyn Tarpey

All of us here at Interlaken are wishing the best to Miss Connecticut, Kaitlyn Tarpey, at the Miss America Pageant this evening.  In addition to representing our wonderful Nutmeg State so beautifully, she also happens to be the niece of one of our long-time staff members.  Best of luck, Kaitlyn! 

Cute facts about Connecticut relating to Interlaken and its neighbors:

  • Interlaken has private lake frontage on the deepest lake in Connecticut, Lake Wononscopomuc
  • We are 10 minutes away from the highest peak in Connecticut - Bear Mountain in Salisbury (yes, you can hike to it!)
  • Lakeville is listed on the National Register of Historic Places
  • We are right next door to the prestigious Hotchkiss School and near several other prominent private schools
  • New England's oldest Methodist congregation is in Lakeville
  • Lime Rock Park is the only active road course left in the State


Chef Scimeca is yelling at Guests!

He is at it again!  He did this a few months ago and it just didn't seem right.  Why is he yellling?

Culinary Challenge Interlaken CT

This is what was happening the last time he yelled. 

They don't look like they are doing anything wrong - just using fresh ingredients to make the most creative dish in the group.  They are challenging their culinary skills - and Brandon is helping them by yelling at them.  Why?

As part of the Culinary Challenge at Interlaken, being creative has a time limit, and Brandon does his part by reminding everyone of how much time they have left to slice, dice, sautee, and display.  2 MINUTES 30 SECONDS he bellows!  It's fun to watch everyone move just a little faster - this is where the team building comes into play.  Occasionally one person becomes the leader and starts to bellow (like Brandon) but usually you see everyone on the team contributing and working together like a well oiled machine.  30 SECONDS!  Today's featured ingredient is lobster.  DING!  TIMES UP!  Now Brandon has the fortune of trying the dishes from each team and judging based on flavor, presentation, timeliness and use of ingredients.  It really is not only so fun to watch, but participating is a blast!  "The Culinary Challenge was enjoyable for all, even those who had done it before."

Bring your team together - either corporate group or your family - as the Culinary Challenge is a good fit for all.  Contact Kristy Barto for more details (kristy-at-interlakeninn.com) and check our website for more details!



Raise your glass

Interlaken Cocktail Wedding hour CT

Wedged between family afternoon wiffle ball games and a wedding reception for 150 people lies the cocktail hour. 

Complete with passed HDO's such as Crisp Crab Cakes with Saffron Aioli, Citrus Marinated Shrimp Cocktail, Italian Sausage Stuffed Mushroom, Spiced Tandoori Lamb Skewer, Figs wrapped with Prosciutto and Mascarpone and Peking Duck Wontons with Scallion - and a full open bar.  Held casually on our back lawn, surrounded by tiki torches, lush greenery and signs of fall - the cocktail hour is the perfect beginning for the wonderful evening yet to come.

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