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The Lakeside Blog springs forth from the creative mind of Michelle Bruck at the Interlaken Inn, Lakeville, CT. She writes about events, great places to visit and cool things to do – in and around Lakeville & Salisbury Connecticut.

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Music to my ears

On my desk upon my arrival this morning was a Guest feedback card from Morgan's Restaurant:

Food was excellent, staff was friendly & attentive,

loved the piano music!!

Along with the sounds of Scott Heth every Saturday, we now have piano music in our dining room Thursday - Sunday evenings.  Enjoy the music to your ears while you have excellent food and a friendly and attentive staff taking care of you!


My Hometown

No, I am not writing about a Bruce Springsteen song again, but rather, truly, my hometown of Millerton, NY.  If the New York Times took the time to write about it, why can't I?

Millerton is a small town located just 5 minutes away from the Interlaken property.  As a young teen, I wandered the streets often (you could back then without worry) and visited the shops:  I bought penny candy and sometimes a magazine in Terni's General Store.  I would watch movies at the Moviehouse (one screen at that time).  I would wander through Riley's Furniture (when it used to be on Main Street).  I would buy a book at Oblong Books.  I would eat lunch at the Diner, now where the new Oakhurst Diner is. Over the years, I watched the Harlem Valley Trail develop, new restaurants come in, Delson's go out and an antique center come in its place, the movie theater increase to three screens, I watched the painting being done on the side of Sapersteins (oh yes, where I used to buy uniforms for work!), and please, let us not forget about one of my favorite places - Harney and Sons Tea shop!  Oblong now has a Junior, there are two florists, many salons, a coffeehouse, and an assortment of great little shops.  It also hosts a wonderful Farmer's Market every Saturday in the summer, right in the middle of the village.  It's no wonder that even Frommer's Budget Travel says Millerton is one of the "10 coolest small towns in America".  It's certainly a town worth visiting, and a place we send our Guests to frequently.  Come see this quaint small town for yourself!

Check out the article in the Times by clicking here!


Saxon's back!

Do you remember Saxon?  If not, here is the beautiful boy, resting at the Interlaken Lakefront:

Interlaken Pet Friendly

He's so happy to be back, as evidenced by the kisses he laid on me!  I wish I had my camera handy at the time to show you proof... as Virginia said, this is his second home, so it was no surprise he was showering me with big kisses.  And these are the best kisses, you know the ones - it started at the base of my neck right up to my chin!  Keep an eye on this handsome therapy dog as he continues with his modeling - if you see an Airedale in print, it just may be Saxon!

It's so great to have you back, Virginia, Stephen and Saxon!  I am so happy you are enjoying your time with us, regardless of the damp weather!  Only sunshine for the rest of your stay, I promise!


Dancing in the Dark

That is what the bride and groom and their family and friends will be doing later this evening under our wedding pavilion!  "Dancing in the Dark" is also one of their table names - the bride and groom are huge Bruce Springsteen fans, so rather than table #1, #2, #3, etc. their Guests will be sitting at tables named after some of the many hits by Bruce - Glory Days, Thunder Road, Working on a Dream... I was started singing them all as I wandered through the pavilion....

Wedding Pavilion Lakeside CT

Love these sunflower arrangements - Thornhill Florist

Interlaken Wedding Pavilion Lakeside CT

I couldn't help but take a picture of the Cupcake cake!

Interlaken Wedding Lakeside CT


A poem



The sun is shining & the sky is blue,

What's a corporate group to do?

Gather the staff and take them away,

Drive to Interlaken Inn for the day!

A BBQ lunch is all prepared,

Swim across the lake, if you dare.

Grab a life preserver and a canoe,

Paddle the lake, and relax while you do.

Laugh with your co-workers, rest by the pool,

Sip Margaritas to keep you all cool.

The tennis courts are ready to play,

Get a game in before the sun fades.

To the Penthouse – where dinner awaits,

More cocktails on hand to seal your fate!

The bibs are on, the lobsters are steamed,

Strawberry shortcake topped with fresh cream.

More jokes, laughter and birthday cake

What a great time had between the two lakes!


Treat your employees to a fun day at Interlaken – contact Kristy Barto for more details!



Dog Days of Summer

I am sure I have used this title before, but it is just the best title for today's blog as the word about pups enjoying themselves at the Interlaken property is spreading like crazy - our Woodside accommodations are just full of canine friends! 

Check out these pictures from Guests that stayed with us a few weeks ago.  Three sweet dogs, enjoying the Interlaken grounds, wouldn't hurt a flea....

Interlaken dog friendly

But might hurt a moose!  Russell told me every time they walked by the moose sculpture to get to the lakefront, that Freddy, Bogey and Coby barked at it, thinking it was real.  I love when little dogs try to show that their size doesn't make them afraid of anything!

Interlaken Dogs and Moose

Another pup who should have been here this week is FLIRT.  He comes often, and we miss him and his owners, and hope they'll be able to visit us again soon.

Interlaken Pet Friendly

Let's not forget out the Cavachon, Breezy - who turns one year old this week!  Breezy loved his accommodations in the new pet friendly Sunnyside room.  Happy Birthday Breezy!

Interlaken Pet Friendly

Lastly, our good friend Saxon, a long time visitor to the Interlaken, all cuddled in our posh pet bed.  Plan your visit soon, Virginia - we've got your pecan-encrusted chicken waiting for you!

Interlaken Pet friendly

Does your pet love Interlaken?  Send me an email and a photo - I'd love to hear all about it!

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